Check out our Scripts/Products URL and demo's websites below. All Scripts are custom build and can run inside website modules or even as standalone website.

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Pictures Gallery Pro Edition
URL http://picturesgallery.randhawaworld.com Category Personal
What Is Coldfusion Image Professional Edition?

This is a Complete Coldfusion Pictures Gallery Tag Which is based on Complete Coldfusion Code and is easily pluggable into any application. It Supports MS-Access database and Mysql. The Pictures Gallery Comes with build in E-cards. The 24/7 Support Provided though www.randhawaworld.com website.

Feel free to ask any questions. The Image gallery Profesional edition has that much features you never has expected in such a Coldfusion Other tags.

The image upload features a thumbnail creator, allows you to resize an image for display formatting, but also maintains the integrity of your high-resolution original. It has both user and administrative interfaces and allows administrators to toggle administrative options such as application security, application look, feel and gallery layout... and much more.

While Purchasing Add: ColorCodeed as Dicount Code to get $15 off right away off the Price.

If you have been searching for an easy to use, easy to install and low cost alternative to the other providers, you have come to the right place.

The application currently uses MYSQL Database and I have included Access also, but with a bit of modification it will work on MSSQl nd Access also.

The application is fully secured by the sessions and only authenticated users/moderators and admins can change and upload the images.

The Application is fully unencrypted and is provided with full source code: Main features of the website are as follows:

You have to modify the Application.cfm File and It ill work. if u face any issues, mail Me

CFM Schedular Application
URL http://schedular.randhawaworld.com Category Personal
What is Scheduler Application?

Conference Room Scheduler Application For Small Business. Build using Access and ColdFusion 7 & above

This is Free Application and can be used for your Personal Purposes, The Download link is Provided below and you can make necessary changes to this script, whatever sounds better to you, No Free support is Provided, But if you need Support, Paid Support is Provided, You can always contact Us for the same.

Here is the Download Link, Please keep a Link to refer to our website.

Contact for Paid Support

Applications Pack
URL http://applications.randhawaworld.com/ Category Personal
What Is Applications Pack (Polling Module, testimonials Module, BillBoard Manager, Onlne Contest manager, Blogging Engine)?

These are Small Coldfusion 8 based Addon Applications which can be run Standalone also and can also be embedded into existing Applications Just witha small Tweeks.

All Small Modules build can be run Standalone and can be plugged in bigger Applications. It will need Coldfusion 8 to run these modules. Every Module can be run standalone and tested. The database is used MS-Access so it should be compatible with all databases even if they get Get shifted to another Applications.

Bill Board Manager:

Billboard Manager allows you to manage and display content including news items, ads, or important messages in a billboard on your website

Polling Manager

Polling Manager is a quick and fun way to make your website more interactive

Online Contest

Drive more customers to your website, reward current customers, or expand you database of contacts using Online Contest Manager

Testimonial Manager

Testimonials Manager allows your customers, clients, and website visitors post their own testimonials onto your website

We are including Our Free Blog as Part of These Applications, Demo is still in Progress Once Updated will be notified Here