Check out our Scripts/Products URL and demo's websites below. All Scripts are custom build and can run inside website modules or even as standalone website.

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Story Board Manager
URL http://storyboard.randhawaworld.com/ Category Personal
What Is CF Stories Manager?

A Story Board Application! it has basic functions and functionality and although this tag/application can be used for any purpose, just just for Stories. You can Just use it show you day to day happenings, events and more>

This is really a Complete Story Board Manager Application. It can run standalone and it can be embedded with other websites which are quite big in length. A application using ColdFusion Components and Latest ColdFusion 8 technology. It works on ColdFusion 8 and above. The main database Used with this Application is Mysql. The application can be easily made to be used under ColdFusion 8 and if you would like to have our services that will cost you a bit. Database can be changed easily to any you like!

Database can be changed easily to any you like!

CFM Yellow Pages
URL http://www.randhawaworld.com/yellowpages/ Category Personal
What Is Coldfusion Yellow Pages?

This is a Complete Yellow Pages Application which can make run work within seconds.The Complete Yellow Pages with many build in features you will love to see and like it.

The main focus of this yellow pages website is to list all the business details, location, distance travel and much more. You will get inevitably a great stuff with small amount of price.

Script is build using mysql. but it is easily configrable with mssql. a sepate CFC is provided for handling all msssql workaround.

Do read the manual inside it to get going

CFM Portal Application
URL http://portal.randhawaworld.com Category Content Management System-Website examples
What is Portal?

A ColdFusion Based Portal. This portal contains everything from blog to discussion board manager and links manager and showing tutorials and viewing the external websites and playing games.

A Complete CF Based website which runs on all versions of the ColdFusion and easily configurable Admin panel. Support includes all versions and we will work with you if you need customization.

This script is only sold on request, Please contact us for the license of this script and your requirements to add new functionality and change designs of whatever you need to do with the application,

Contact Us for more Details.