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Dinosaurs and Other Large Reptiles. Visual Encyclopaedia of Questions
URL https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dinosaurs-other-large-reptiles./id445034178?mt=88 Category Education
Now you can answer all your children's questions. Santillana offers you the simplest answers to the most puzzling questions so that your children can discover and investigate the world they live in.

Learning can be fun. All the apps that make up the Visual Encyclopaedia of Questions are: • The Human Body.

• Dinosaurs and Other Large Reptiles

• Pets and Farm Animals

• Wild Animals

• Woodlands, Forests, Mountains and Deserts

• Cities Inside and Out

• The World of Insects

• The World of Art

• The Universe

• Large Buildings

• Inventions that Changed the World 1

• Inventions that Changed the World 2

• The Earth

• Seas, Oceans, Lakes and Rivers

• World Myths and Legends

• Countries, Religions and Cultures of the World

• Plants and Flowers

• A Journey through History

• Travellers and Explorers

PokIT Worklist
URL confidential Category SAP
PokIT Worklist is an SAP Application which works in on-line and offline mode. This application works like a mail Application in which you can take actions on workflows.

If the internet connection is offline then the message will move to out box and will polls once there is connectivity available.

It also syncs with the SAP server with particular time interval as selected in the settings page.

Charge Capture
URL confidential Category Health Care
Charge Capture is a Clinical Billing Application in which physicians, doctors can add charges, edit charges, add patient, edit patient and also verify the charges for billing process.

This application helps to capture information for use in a medical claim document, a critical element of the overall revenue cycle.

User can print reports wireless through Air print report printing facility.