Check out our Scripts/Products URL and demo's websites below. All Scripts are custom build and can run inside website modules or even as standalone website.

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Faq Manager
URL http://www.randhawaworld.com/faq/ Category Personal
Faq System is a simple based FAQ system. Many featured Faq Management software. Search through many categories. and add comments to articles.


Add New Category. Request Article to add to FAQ Database. Ask a Question From Administrator. View all faq questions. Rate faq questions. Email the selected article to your list of friends.

Print the articles. Add comments to the articles. Save the article to your hard disks. Full Validation provided within the system. No need to refill the details if added wrong. Fields values persist there.

XSS Stop Attack provided. Complete security over FAQ’s. Complete Pagination provided within faq’s.

Search capabilities to search faq from the database. Completely standalone version. Can be embedded with any system. Simple and elegant Design Links management. View links Poll Module Previous Poll Answers Graphical view of poll system. Cannot rerate the poll once rated. And lots of other features.

Contact Manager
URL http://contactmanager.randhawaworld.com/ Category Personal
What Is Contact List manager?

A Small ColdFusion based Contact manager, Where A Company needs to manager its Contacts online. Very handy, Supports many features like Excel generation, CSV generation, XML and Doc Generation. manages All Your Contacts on Single Site and Without and issues.

where you can Set up your own small sized Business with no Hassle. It can be embedded to another big website Module. Database is Access and it can be modified to use any database.

A Mysql and Sql-Server Script is generated and added in this Application. Very good features of this contact Application. The Application works With Coldfusion 7 and above and any database you like. Default is Access.

CFM Links Manager
URL http://linksmanager.randhawaworld.com Category Personal
What Is CFM Links Manager?

Now you can implement your own link management system on your web site with CFM Links Manager!CFM Links Manager allows you to run a complicated link directory system through easy to use administration pages instead of the overwhelming tasks of database entries or managing static HTML pages.

User Registration User registration system, allows you to track real versus spammed submissions. Users can also manage their own links, taking the extra work off your administration personnel.

Link Validation In addition to allowing users to submit error reports, CFM Links Manager now comes with a link verification utility that will attempt to connect to all links in the system, reporting back to you dead links.

Unlimited Categories Links can be organized by category or sub-categories. A category may have an UNLIMITED amount of sub-categories that span as many levels as you wish.

Where am I? With an unlimited amount of category levels available, your users could eventually become list in the pattern of unsure of where exactly they are. Not anymore! CFM Links Manager now incorporates a "Where am I" type of functionality that shows across the top of the page exactly where in the hierarchy they are. Clicking on a level in the hierarchy will take them back to that level as well.

Link Popularity Each time a user clicks on one of the links in your link management software, CFM Links Manager automatically tallies up the hit count and stores it in the database. These numbers are displayed to your users near each link, so that they may track the popularity of a link.

User Review System Each link in the system has the ability to accept user reviews and a star rating from One to Five.

User Submissions Users can submit link suggestions under a specific category or any level of subcategory by using an easy to use form that inserts the link into the database. Suggested links may also be moderated so that you can approve links before they are viewable. Product Reference CFM Links Manager also makes a great product directory by allowing you to show select products with prices associated with each link. Affiliate programs can benefit from this feature alone.

Notifications Automatically notify your users when a link suggestion they have submitted is approved to be viewable. Search Functions Integrated search form allows you to search complete link directory for specific keywords in title and description. Error Reporting Managing a directory of links can be a daunting task when it comes to making sure all links are valid. Now you can allow your users to send in error reports when they come across a link that is broken. CFM Links Manager automatically tracks which link they are reporting on and even gives them an option to describe the problem.

Web Administration Highly functional web based administration area can be used from any computer with Internet access