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Image Gallery Pro
Product Price $140.00

What Is Coldfusion Image Professional Edition?
This is a Complete Coldfusion Pictures Gallery Tag Which is based on Complete Coldfusion Code and is easily pluggable into any application. It Supports MS-Access database and Mysql. The Pictures Gallery Comes with build in E-cards. The 24/7 Support Provided though website. Feel free to ask any questions. The Image gallery Profesional edition has that much features you never has expected in such a Coldfusion Other tags.

A complete adobe cold fusion online photo album allowing you to upload and organize your pictures. Cold fusion Pictures Gallery is a full featured, web-based image gallery application. The image upload features a thumbnail creator, allows you to resize an image for display formatting, but also maintains the integrity of your high-resolution original. It has both user and administrative interfaces and allows administrators to toggle administrative options such as application security, application look, feel and gallery layout... and much more.

I had set a Google group for This Tag Where the New features related to this Tag ca be addded ad requested.

If you have been searching for an easy to use, easy to install and low cost alternative to the other providers, you have come to the right place. The application currently uses MYSQL Database and I have included Access also, but with a bit of modification it will work on MSSQl nd Access also.The application is fully secured by the sessions and only authenticated users/moderators and admins can change and upload the images. The Application is fully unencrypted and is provided with full source code: Main features of the website are as follows: You have to modify the Application.cfm File and It ill work. if u face any issues, mail Me

UPDATED Features In This Version : -

1. Login Module Updated.

2. Image Gallery Purely Private for every Different User.

3. New Modules added.

4. New Image Functionality of Adding TEXT (On The fly) and Copyright of Each Images.

5. Watermark images, Posterize, sharpen, vertical align images and blur the images and much much more

6. Approval of Pending Pictures From Admin Panel.

7. Admin Can View/update/delete any Imges which Seems Invalid.

8. Upload New Sounds (MP3) for Attaching them with Ecards.

9. Improved an restricted Search.

10. Private Galleries of Different users. Public galleries viewable to all either Guest or other Users.

11. Captcha Verification for Secure processing and Stopping Spam.

12. Verification of Accounts before user can Use Account.

13. Add Custom faq's to the site.

14. Manage multiple users and Accounts.

15. Create Meta Keywords and Change them to Whatever.

16. CFC based. Code is Different from Functions.

17. Much wider Image Functins used than u have expected.

18. Privelegales to Users Private galleries.

19. Expand Galleries by adding much more Images.

20. Client Side validation for every step needed.

21. tag Cloud used to fetch recent searches by users.

22. print files in PDF, Flashformat and Simple form.

23. Share the Album ith your friends and list of friends.

24. Complete detailed information about the image, its dimensions, keywords and url

25. Share te Image URL with multiple websites like Twitter, Technorati and much more.

26. Approve Pending Pictures and Admin can Approve Them.

27.Add Contact details on the Fly. Edit from admin and automatically file will be created which shows the Contact Information on Website

28. Theme management rechecked.

29. Ecards rechecked and enhanced to new features

30. Activate/Inactive user accounts.

31. My Galleries Account.

32. Share Your galleries.

33. Download Your gallery as Zip Format onto your Computer.

34. and much more more..

Users Features

  1. Login using username/password.
  2. See Categorized Images
  3. Add Categories, Category will be added only when admin approves it.
  4. View images in full mode and scaled mode.
  5. Pagination within each Category.
  6. Add unlimited Photos to a category.
  7. Upload Unlimited Pictures.
  8. Ms-Access database & Mysql database Support
  9. Slideshow of all the Images
  10. FAQ provided how to Use the application.
  11. Complete application with full CSS to ready to use.
  12. View thumbnails of images.
  13. Send Images as an E-card to multiple friends.
    1. Add Music to your e-cards
    2. Add background and foreground color
    3. Add text size up to your choice
    4. Choose text from various text formats.
    5. Send yourself a copy while sending and get notified when user view your card.
    6. Preview the card.
    7. Edit the card.
    8. Choose Closing of the card, or write your  own
  14. Rate Images from 1 to 5.
  15. Rating is not allowed twice.
  16. Add comments to the image.
  17. Supports multiple thumbnail creation from a single file upload
  18. Searchable by keyword and category
  19. Allow anonymous graphic uploads.
  20. View Popular Images and Latest Images.
  21. Add Testimonials
  22. Add video to testimonials.
    1. If Video Illegal, Video will be deleted and mail will be triggered to the user.
    2. Any Change, will be triggered to the user.
  23. Print Images
  24. Mail Images
  25. Change Theme according to your Preferences.
  26. Get Yourself Registered freely.
  27. Password and username retrieval Information
  28. Custom password generator Widget.

Admin Features

  1. Upload Multiple Pictures.
  2. Add, edit, and delete Categories.
  3. Manage User submitted Comments, update, delete.
  4. Edit pictures
  5. Delete pictures.
  6. Deleting category will delete all the images and the folder.
  7. Admin Login using Session authentication.
  8. Gallery counts listed on each Page.
  9. Purge E-cards send to Users.
  10. Manage Testimonials, watch video before updating.
  11. Use of Full JavaScript client Side.
  12. Use of Server Side Checking.
  13. Manage User Accounts.
  14. Add New Users
  15. Edit Users Info
  16. Delete users
  17. Delete other moderators and administrators.
  18. Set Mail Settings
  19. Add as many Mail servers as you want.
  20. Choose between different Mail servers.
  21. Delete other mail Servers.
  22. Change Theme
  23. Upload Song Files
  24. Delete Song Files

Moderator Features:

  1. Add Pictures
  2. Edit Pictures, manage comments, testimonials
  3. Add New Users, Edit other moderators and users.
    1. Notification send to each user, moderator, admin when their login information is changed
    2. If any account is deleted, the notification to the person will go that his/her account have been deleted.
  4. Cannot delete administrators and Super Admin.
  5. Super admin not viewable to other administrator.
  6. Upload Song Files
  7. Delete Song Files

Super Admin:

  1. Can edit, add, and delete other moderators, administrators and users.
  2. Can add, edit the themes.
  3. Changes to own account.
  4. And do all other stuff.

And Lots of Other features.


All in all a complete application to keep you running within few seconds in your website. The application is fully secured and handles the redirections automatically. Fully secured based on sessions and login system.

Altough Many features have been disabled in the Demo of the Website, Once you get the file, You can access all features.

New features will come soon and users will be notified if u subscribe to my Pictures Gallery. All users Who will purchase this Tag will qualify for Free Upgrade of the Future releases.