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CFML Yellow Pages
Product Price $80.00

What Is Coldfusion Yellow Pages?
This is a Complete Yellow Pages Application which can make run work within seconds.The Complete Yellow Pages with many build in features you will love to see and like it. The main focus of this yellow pages website is to list all the business details, location, distance travel and much more. You will get inevitably a great stuff with small amount of price.

Yellow Pages: The Complete Yellow Pages with many build in features you will love to see and like it. The main focus of this yellow pages website is to list all the business details, location, distance travel and much more. You will get inevitably a great stuff with small amount of price.  Script is build using mysql. but it is easily configrable with mssql. a sepate CFC is provided for handling all msssql workaround. Do read the manual inside it to get going

Some of the features of yellow pages are listed below as:

Users Panel:

1.       Two modes of website available. One is Flash mode and one is HTML mode. To make better looking website you can always use Flash mode in which all forms will appear in flash.

2.       A Good bookmarking Script which works on each & every browser.

3.       Help file is provided and fully managed by the admin to add as many FAQ’s as you want to add to make the website more easily and workable.

4.       A feedback is provided so that so users can send emails to the admin about website.

5.       All information on front end is fully managed by the admin.

6.       New listings can only be added once you register yourself.

7.       Registration is fairly easy.

a.       No extra forms.

b.      Valid email address and registration only works when activated from the email address to stop invalid sign ups.

c.       Forms properly formatted, use of CSS style Sheet and valid XHTML to make website error free.

8.       Single template processing.

9.       Google maps to find the location of the business. Uploading functionality. Show company logo and website to your friends. If you add your website it will automatically be loaded to the yellow pages for your friends to see.

10.   A great tell a friend feature where you can send the website details to many of your friends. A email will be generated to all your friends to view.

11.   Share your listings with great websites like delcios, and many other websites.

12.   Great pagination System to manage the website layout.

13.   Choose from categories, subcategories to find the listings, and even view by alphabetical mode to view only the listings with the word H or something else.

14.   View popular and latest lists.

15.   Search the listings and advanced search mode is also available.

16.   Banner system to add as many banners to the website as you want.

17.   If the details of the listings are viewed, you can even mail the listing to the friends. Print the listing and even Contact the business person.

18.   Logged in Users have many features.

a.       A inbox to view messages received from other people and business person’s

b.      Reply to them, read the message and even delete the message.

c.       Edit the own listings.

d.      Add new lists and add as many lists as you want.

e.      Retrieve password once forgot. Proper email is send while retrieving old password and if new password is changed, email is also send to notify user to remember the password for future. Complete security in database and front end.

f.        Edit your own account, change your information details.

19.   And many more features.

Admin Features:

1.       In each and every module of admin, A complete search interface is provided to find out the relevant records and complete pagination is provided to view records in order.

2.       Sorting is provided for each and every column to sort according to id, images etc. Asc and Desc modes.

3.       Add/edit/delete banners. Also make them Active or Inactive.

4.       Add/edit/delete categories and sub categories. Deletion of a category or subcategory also deletes its listing.

5.       Configuration Settings of the website. SEO Enablement or not.

6.       Add/Edit Countries list.

7.       Edit/Delete listings.

8.       Add/edit/delete users. Also deleting user will delete his/her listing from the database.

9.       FAQ Builder. Generate as many Faq’s as you want.

10.   Also edit/delete FAQ’s. Multiple delete option provided.

11.   Manage Admin Users.

a.       Three modes available [Moderator, Administrator, Super Administrator]

                                                               i.      Moderator can only edit own account and edit other stuff but cannot delete.

                                                             ii.      Administrator can edit/delete the stuff and edit moderator’s account and edit own account. It cannot edit other admin’s Account. Every time account is edited or deleted the email is send to that person either he is a moderator or admin.

                                                            iii.      Super admin can do anything. Can delete admin/moderator and can add new admin/moderator. Email will be generated every time account is created or deleted or edited.

                                                           iv.      Multiple delete option is provided for deletion.

12.   Logout Option.

The Documentation and how to set up the website is all included in the website, Be sure to Check that out and set the website according to your settings.