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Contact Manager
Product Price $25.00

What Is Contact List manager?
A Small Coldfusion based Contact manager, Where A Company needs to manager its Contacts online. Very handy, Supports mny features like Excel generation, CSV generation, XML and Doc Generation. manages All Your Contacts on Single Site and Without and issues.

A Complete Small Coldfusion Application where you can Set up your own small sized Business with no Hassle. It can be embedded to another big website Module. Database is Access and it can be modified to use any database.  A Mysql and Sql-Server Script is generated and added in this Application. Very good features of this contact Application. The Application works With Coldfusion 7 and above and any database you like. Default is Access.

Features of Admin Panel:

·         Add/Edit/Delete/Activate/Deactivate New Contacts

·         Image resize of the any Image Added to Contact

·         Add Email to each Contact which will be send to the user when he/she send the inquiry or any question.

·         Every Contact can have different Email generated to their own Contact.

·         Easy to Manage and View

·         Pagination of every page

·         Export to Excel all Contacts

·         Export to CSV/DOC/XML all Contacts

·         Manage Dynamic Email settings to use

·         Manage website settings

·         Manage SEO Settings

·         Manage Admin Account

·         Manage Categories

·         Manage Subcategories

·         Add/Edit Delete Categories

·         List Categories, Contacts, Subcategories by Alphabets

·         Search categories, Contacts, and Subcategories.

·         Add new Salutations. Edit Salutations.

·         Pure Styled Based CSS Admin panel.

·         Complete Login Secure Area

·         Manage States/Countries

·         Retrieve Login Info if Password is Lost.

·         Remember Login Information.

·         Manage Footer by just tweaking Application.cfc File


User’s features

·         View Contacts by 4 in a row.

·         Compose message to any Contact you like to send. Captcha Security Enabled so you do not receive Spam

·         View Bigger Image f Contact

·         Export Contact to VCard and Store it in your details.

·         Pagination for every 20 records shown on Page. Easily Configurable.

·         Manage Search

·         Easy Search of Contacts

All in All you will love this Module as it has many Features which many Contact Applications does not Show. You can View the full listing in Action. If you like to see the admin Panel in Action, You can mail me I will send you the login details.


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