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Lite Photo Gallery
Product Price $70.00

What Is Photo Gallery Lite Edition?
This is a Complete Coldfusion Pictures Gallery Tag Which is based on Complete Coldfusion Code and is easily pluggable into any application. It Supports MS-Access database and Mysql. The Pictures Gallery Comes with build in E-cards. The 24/7 Support Provided though website. Feel free to ask any questions.

Fully unencrypted Code.

A complete adobe cold fusion online photo album allowing you to upload and organize your pictures. Cold fusion Pictures Gallery is a full featured, web-based image gallery application. The image upload features a thumbnail creator, allows you to resize an image for display formatting, but also maintains the integrity of your high-resolution original. It has both user and administrative interfaces and allows administrators to toggle administrative options such as application security, application look, feel and gallery layout... and much more. If you have been searching for an easy to use, easy to install and low cost alternative to the other providers, you have come to the right place. The Application is fully unencrypted and is provided with full source code: Main features of the website are as follows:


Users Features


   1. See Categorized Images

   2. Add Categories, Category will be added only when admin approves it.

   3. View images in full mode and scaled mode.

   4. Pagination within each Category.

   5. Add unlimited Photos to a category.

   6. Upload Unlimited Pictures.

   7. No Login Nag Screen

   8. Ms-Access database & Mysql database Support

   9. Slideshow of all the Images

  10. FAQ provided how to Use the application.

  11. Complete application with full CSS to ready to use.

  12. View thumbnails of images.

  13. Send Images as an E-card to multiple friends.

         1. Add Music to your e-cards

         2. Add background and foreground color

         3. Add text size up to your choice

         4. Choose text from various text formats.

         5. Send yourself a copy while sending and get notified when user view your card.

         6. Preview the card.

         7. Edit the card.

         8. Choose Closing of the card, or write your own

  14. Rate Images from 1 to 5.

  15. Rating is not allowed twice.

  16. Add comments to the image.

  17. Supports multiple thumbnail creation from a single file upload

  18. Searchable by keyword and category

  19. Allow anonymous graphic uploads.

  20. View Popular Images and Latest Images.

  21. Add Testimonials

  22. Add video to testimonials.


 Admin Features


   1. Upload Multiple Pictures.

   2. Add, edit, and delete Categories.

   3. Manage User submitted Comments, update, delete.

   4. Edit pictures

   5. Delete pictures.

   6. Deleting category will delete all the images and the folder.

   7. Admin Login using Session authentication.

   8. Gallery counts listed on each Page.

   9. Purge E-cards send to Users.

  10. Manage Testimonials, watch video before updating.

  11. Use of Full JavaScript client Side.

  12. Use of Server Side Checking.


All in all a complete application to keep you running within few seconds in your website. You can see the online demo of the website at this address.

How to set the Application, it is written in the readme file which you will find inside the application.

For an Admin Demo, Please Email me