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Classmates Script
Product Price $50.00

What Is Classmates Script?
A Very basic Claasmates script where you can find your friends, view their biographies, share pictures and can post contents to their profile. The person has also a small scrapbook where he/she can post the subjects to their friends. So very easy and basic complete Coldfusion based Classmate Script. The website navigation is completely encrypted and Secure by passing Information to one another.

Website Features:

1.       Classmate script builds using simple interface and use sessions and cookies to store information.

2.       Register New Account and get started.

3.       Full validation support of server side and Client-side checking.

4.       Captcha check up for registration and other stuff while posting.

5.       No spam bots submissions.

6.       Meta Tags keywords, description details.

7.       Latest members Shown on main screen.

8.       Login access to activate all features of the website.

9.       Search friends.

10.   Search in advanced mode to get full list of friends you are looking for.

11.   Check Your Own INBOX.

12.   Check your testimonials.

13.   Check the links shared by other member with you.

14.   Send Jokes to members.

15.   Send them a Quote.

16.   Send SMS free to any number to any person.

17.   Check Fortune.

18.   Send other members a Personalized Message.

19.   View Complete own Information and other person’s autobiography.

20.   Edit Your Registration Information.

21.   Change your Profile Photo.

22.   Create Your Own gallery.

a.       Make your Gallery Open

b.      Make your gallery private.

                                                               i.      Private gallery Needs Password for visiting member to view.

                                                             ii.      Open gallery is viewable to all.

                                                            iii.      Private Gallery request will be send to you.

c.       Edit your gallery.

d.      Update your Gallery pictures.

e.      Delete Gallery Pictures.

f.        Delete Complete Albums.

g.       Create New Albums.

23.   Visiting Other Person’s Gallery.

a.       Open Gallery requires no request.

b.      Private Gallery needs request to view.

24.   Upload Pictures.

25.   Write testimonial for the website.

26.   Write Scrap for Your friend.

27.   Share a Link with your friend.

28.   Post any Photo you would like to share with your friend.

29.   Post any video you would like to share with your friend.

30.   View Your Own Scraps.

31.   View Your Testimonials and Write for your friends.

32.   Sign Off or Log Out Option.

Admin Module:

1.       Login Into Admin

2.       Create new Moderators.

3.       Create new access levels to access the admin.

4.       List all the members.

5.       View the member’s details.

6.       Create Meta tag Details.

7.       Create Faq’s

8.       Edit faq’s

9.       Delete faq’s

10.   Manage the terms and conditions.

11.   Add New School Types.

12.   Update school types.

13.   Delete School Types, which are not required.

14.   Manage site settings.

15.   Edit the colors, URL’s, Images and Mailing Details in Site Settings.

16.   Add banners to generate profit from ads.

17.   Change Admin password.

18.   And others.

The Script is completely unencrypted and this website is purely based on CFC’s and MYSQL. If you intend to use Ms-Access database, you can contact me and we will sort that issue too.

watch website in action: