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CFML Feeds Fetcher
Product Price $25.00

What Is CFML Feeds Fetcher?
A Complete Feed Fetcher tag. Which extracts feeds from different websits and display on one single website. It is Build on Access database and Coldfusion Version 7. It will also work on Coldfusion 8.

This is a Complete CFML Feed Fetcher website or module. It can run Standalone or it can be embedded with any existing website. You can fetch RSS/Atom/Podcast with this feed. Everything in just a Single window. Just add the new feeds from admin panel and users can create their own favorite feeds just by clicking the fav link. No database hassles. It uses cookies to track your favorite list and store it on your machine.

Here are some of its features which make it a unique Application from Others:

From User’s Point of View

1.       Suggest Feeds to the admin if u think you have found a different one and that is not in list

2.       A New Link will only be suggested once it passes the Valid Feed Status

3.       Choose categories and view listings of categories.

4.       List of all feeds on Single Page

5.       Click on feed and in a window you will get all latest updates of that feed

6.       RSS/ATOM/Podcast feeds available

7.       Only Valid Feeds are available

8.       Add Your Favorite feeds in your favorite list

9.       Delete any Single link from your favorite list

10.   Delete all favorite links

11.   Nest categories and sub categories

12.   Only visible categories and feeds will be shown

13.   Search interface of the feeds

14.   Search any kinds of feeds based on many search criteria.

15.   Beautiful Design

16.   A Fully XHTML and CSS Based

17.   Complete validation from front end and backend


1.       Login Module

2.       Login using Email and Password

3.       Updating admin details

4.       Manage website settings

5.       Manage Mail Settings

6.       Add Email settings

7.       Choose from variety of mail address to choose and send email from any single mail setting

8.       Add/Edit/Delete/ New Categories

9.       Make visible and Invisible categories

10.   Nest Subcategories and categories

11.   Add/Edit/Delete/Approve feeds

12.   Logout from Admin Panel

13.   Complete Validation Client side and Server Side.

14.   A Complete design of Admin panel You will love

15.   A Fully XHTML and CSS Based


The Documentation is Inside the File and the Steps to setup the wbsite is also inside the Application Folder

For Demo: